Eligibility – Active Zuku fiber Subscriber.

  • One MUST be an active Zuku fiber customers.
  • The new referred customers MUST be installed for the discount to be effective.
  • The existing customer will be entitled to one discount per month. 

The incentive offers:  

  • 10% discount on next month bills after installation of new customer (10% new & 10% referrer).
  • The existing customer will only get a discount once every 3 months after referring a customer.
  • All newly referred customers will get discount.
  • Duration: 1st February 2018 to 1st May 2018

Offer Mechanics:

  • The objective is to get existing customers who live in the same compound as unconnected customers to get them connected through the referral program.
  • A customer will be incentivized with the offer of 10% off next month’s bill in exchange for recommending as many of his neighbors as possible. The neighbor will only be rewarded for only the first new customer who is installed with 10% discount on the next month’s bill. The new customer will also get 10% off the next month’s bill as an incentive to join.
  • Winning customers will be notified by an email from customer experience and the 10% discount reflected on their next month’s bill for both new customer and the referrer.